Brittany McArdell-Owner, Trainer, CSMT, Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, Reiki Master

Here at North Paws Canine Services, our training is designed for humans to live a cohesive lifestyle with their dog.

I know exactly what it feels like to be defeated with training your dog. I’ve spent countless hours and dollars training my dogs with poor results.

It wasn’t until I found balanced dog training that I started to see real life results with my dogs. Through balanced training I learned how to better communicate with my dogs, I became the pack leader, and our relationships strengthened. My dogs and I were finally able to live with a piece of mind.

I offer balanced dog training and customized care for any breed or age. Our goal is to train your dog to have manners in your home and out in public.

The center of our training focuses on a calm mind and obedience. When dogs have a calm mind they are able to make better choices. Balanced training consists of learning to communicate with our dogs by using reward and correction. In order to successfully achieve a new state of mind we use food and praise to reward good behaviors, modern technology, and a variety of tools including prong and remote collars along with slip leads, to correct unwanted behaviors. These tools enable us to communicate to our dogs through the action of subtle pressure on, pressure off approach. During training we also use cots and crates to teach dogs to be calm, content, confident and independent.

By making training black and white, our dogs have the choice of making the right or wrong choices in life. Dogs (puppies, adult, rescue) can and want to learn, work and please, all you need is the knowledge, technique, patience, consistency and time.

Lets create reliable and dependable dogs together!